Wife of…

An Irreverent Account of Life In Washington

by Sondra Gotlieb

An irreverent, often hilarious portrait of Washington's powerful and important people by the wife of Canada's former ambassador to the United States.
Novelist, cookbook author and winner of the Leacock Award for humour, Sondra Gotlieb is also the wife of Canada's former ambassador to Washington.
This book is a collection of her fictionalized letters to a friend in Canada, recounting her experiences learning the weird and wonderful ways of the powerful in the US capital. Gotlieb's letters, first published in the Washington Post, charmed Americans with their irreverent portrayal of the life of those who run their country--and much of the world.
Wife Of... offers a delightfully fresh look at the the diplomats, lobbyists and politicians who inhabit the capital of the great republic to our south.

About the Author

Sondra Gotlieb


"A satirist of the first rank."
New York Times
"A triumph."
Books in Canada
"...full of in-jokes, irony and wit this book is a good read."
Stevie Cameron, Ottawa Citizen

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