Hyper to the Max

by L. M. Nicodemo

illustrated by Graham Ross

Clever Max invents a game to keep his Super Fidgets at bay for the day

Meet Maximus Todd! He's the kid who can't sit still! Clever Max invents a game to keep his Super Fidgets at bay for the day. Too bad his arch enemy Mandy Beth discovers what he's up to and tries to trip him up! Will Max win at his secret game?

Max finds that while it's not always easy being a kid -- especially if you're a bit different -- there is often humour, kindness and love in the most unexpected places.

About the Authors

L. M. Nicodemo
L. M. Nicodemo
Graham Ross
Graham Ross

L. M. NICODEMO is a school teacher who hopes that this series will mark the beginning of a long and joyful career in writing. She lives with her family in southwestern Ontario

GRAHAM ROSS is an illustrator and designer who has illustrated many books for a wide range of Canadian childrens book publishers. He lives in a log home in the woods with his family just outside of Merrickville, Ontario.


"The target audience will surely have no trouble relating to the storylines. The blend of fun graphics by Graham Ross, with varying sizes and designs of text in the quickly paced 96 pages, will be appealing to both beginning and reluctant readers.

The series is written by a teacher who clearly has insight into the mind of a child who feels the type of anxiety that Max does, presumably because she has encountered some throughout her career. While it may be rare to have a child as young as Max display the self-awareness and strength of will that he does, perhaps these books will serve as inspiration to children facing the same difficulties with their own Super Fidgets.

The four books were published concurrently for Formac's First Novels Series, in a format that should prove to be attractive to young readers. Rated good, even great at times, generally useful!"

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"The book is a great beginning chapter book for young readers, and the use of large, bold fonts to exaggerate certain words and phrases ... makes it appealing to an elementary-age audience. ... the ratio of text to Graham Ross's illustrations is approximately 50:50 making Hyper to the Max a less intimidating read than many other chapter books. A fabulous addition to school and classroom libraries."
Andrea Boyd, CM Magazine


Best Books for Kids & Teens -- Canadian Children's Book Centre

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