Maddie Tries To Be Good

by Louise Leblanc

illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay

translated by Sarah Cummins

At home, Maddie feels no one understands her. At school, things aren't much better.
Things are getting crazy at Maddie's house: her mother has cut her finger, her brother is taking her stuff, her baby sister is starting to wail, her dad is just trying to keep out of it. At school things aren't much better: bully Patrick is trying to take over her gang, and her genius brother Julian has joined her drama class.
When Maddie's mother goes away for a few days' rest, she knows she'll have to do something extreme to get everything back to normal. So she comes up with a radical plan: she'll be as good as she possibly can until her mother comes back. It's almost more than Maddie can bear, but she manages with a little help from her wise grandmother.
Maddie Tries To Be Good is a story about the pressures of everyday life, and how support from others can help us cope.

About the Authors

Louise Leblanc

LOUISE LEBLANC is an award-winning novelist and childrens writer. A native of Montreal she worked as a teacher a model an actress and a dancer before establishing her full-time writing career in 1985. Her Maddie books have appeared in French English Spanish and Danish editions.'

Marie-Louise Gay

MARIE-LOUISE GAY has won awards, including the Governor Generals Award for her children's book illustrations.'

Sarah Cummins


"Fans of the funny and feisty Maddie will not be disappointed with this eighth book in the series. The style and content are perfect for beginning chapter book readers and should be represented in all childrens' collections. Highly recommended."
Deborah Dowson, Canadian Book Review Annual

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