Marilou Forecasts the Future

by Raymond Plante

illustrated by Marie-Claude Favreau

translated by Sarah Cummins

When Marilou helps out an astrologer, she thanks Marilou by making a chart based on her birth date. Then Marilou does the same thing for her friends ... but how can her predictions be so accurate?
On the way home from school Marilou finds a briefcase. She takes it to the owner, an astrologer, who thanks her by making a chart based on Marilou's date of birth. Marilou decides to do the same thing for her friends. Her predictions are surprisingly accurate, but her friend Boris challenges her -- is it astrology or manipulation? Readers will enjoy Marilou's clever tricks for seeing into the future.

About the Authors

Raymond Plante

RAYMOND PLANTE has written more than 20 books for children and young adults. Among his many distinctions is the Mr Christie Children's Book Award which he received in 1995.

Marie-Claude Favreau

MARIE-CLAUDE FAVREAU contributes to childrens magazines and illustrates books while she raises her own two children.'

Sarah Cummins

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