Max Todd’s Camping Chaos

by L. M. Nicodemo

illustrated by Graham Ross

A wasp sting leaves Max hopping up and down with the Super Fidgets and he devises a counting game to distract himself.

Max can’t wait to take his best friend Shiv camping for the first time. But disaster strikes when a wasp sting causes a case of the Super Fidgets, and a rainstorm leaves Max and his friends stuck inside their tent. Determined to show Shiv how great camping is, Max invents a counting game to help keep his Super Fidgets under control.

Full colour illustrations and fun typography bring Max to life and make this book accessible to readers of all levels.

About the Authors

L. M. Nicodemo
L. M. Nicodemo
Graham Ross
Graham Ross

L. M. NICODEMO credits both motherhood and her 30-year career as a teacher for inspiring the creation of quirky and lovable Maximus Todd. She lives with her family in southwestern Ontario.

GRAHAM ROSS is an illustrator and designer who has illustrated many books for a wide range of Canadian children's book publishers. He lives in a log home in the woods with his family just outside of Merrickville, Ontario.


"Overall, Camping Chaos is a humorous, fun, and relatable book that would be a good addition to an inclusive teacher’s classroom library."


"A worthwhile purchase, particularly for the target audience."


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