Mia, Matt and the Pigs that Sing

by Annie Langlois

illustrated by Jimmy Beaulieu

Will twins Mia and Matt be able to get pigs to sing for a concert?

Each summer, twins Mia and Matt spend their vacation at the cottage, along a lake with their uncle Roland. The cottage -- really a small farm -- is where Uncle Roland trains animals for movies and TV shows. Last summer, he trained Alfred the Turkey for a movie. This year, Mia and Matt are in for a challenge -- to help teach a chorus of pigs to sing! Will Mia and Matt be able to teach Do, Re, Me, Fa, Sol, La and Ti to perform, or will the pigs live up to their stubborn nature?

About the Authors

ANNIE LANGLOIS has been involved with children's literature for more than ten years, first as a librarian and then as the art director for La courte echelle. She recently completing a doctorate in children's literature at Sorbonne-Nouvelle University in Paris.

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