Rum, Blood & Treasure

Stories Strange and True from Atlantic Canada

by Edward Butts

Murder, mystery and scandal are all here in these true stories of Atlantic Canada

This great collection of stories strange but true is for every reader who loves history -- and mystery. Edward Butts weaves true tales -- the wreck of the Francis and the weird connection to Edward, Duke of Kent; the sea voyage of Charles Coghlan's coffin; Captain Jack Randell the rum-runner; Al Capone's gunman Bugs Moran and more!

This collection offers the lore and legend of some of the greatest stories of Atlantic Canada's history.

About the Author

Edward Butts

EDWARD BUTTS is the author of more than twenty books including The Desperate Ones: Forgotten Canadian Outlaws, which was nominated for an Arthur Ellis Award, and She Dared: Stories of Survival, which received a Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award and a Red Maple Honour Book Award. Edward lives in Guelph, Ontario.

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