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  • Halifax: The First 250 Years

    Three distinguished authors tell the story of Halifax, from its beginnings as a British settlement to counter the French establishment at Louisbourg, to its present-day status as one of Canada's most appealing cities.

    $39.95, Paperback
  • The Sinclair Saga

    In this book Mark Finnan takes us on a voyage of discovery, exploring the facts and legends that surround Scotland's Prince Henry Sinclair and his possible voyage to Nova Scotia and New England in 1398.

    $19.95, Paperback
  • The First Nova Scotian

    The First Nova Scotian tells the story of William Alexander and the Charlesfort settlement, offering intriguing speculations about the role Nova Scotia played in early-seventeenth century European affairs.

    $27.95, Paperback
  • Folksongs of the Maritimes

    Folksongs of the Maritimes reflects the region's rich musical traditions, including examples from Scottish, Irish, English, French, German and African-Canadian cultures.
    $16.95, Hardcover
  • Best Maritime Short Stories

    Best Maritime Short Stories is a wonderful introduction to the exciting contemporary literature of Canada's Maritime Provinces.
    $19.95, Paperback
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