Leo and Julio

by Louise Leblanc

illustrated by Philippe Brochard

translated by Sarah Cummins

Having a vampire for a friend is very tricky.
Having a vampire for a friend is very tricky. For one thing, he cannot just come over to play after school. So Leo invites his friend Julio, who lives in the cemetery with his vampire family, to visit one evening when Leo's parents are out.
Things don't go as planned, and Julio has to spend the night in a closet. When his plans are discovered, Leo needs help from his parents to get the young vampire back to his tombstone home.

About the Authors

Louise Leblanc

LOUISE LEBLANC is an award-winning novelist and childrens writer. A native of Montreal she worked as a teacher a model an actress and a dancer before establishing her full-time writing career in 1985. Her Maddie books have appeared in French English Spanish and Danish editions.'

Philippe Brochard

PHILIPPE BROCHARD has illustrated many childrens books as well as contributing to textbooks and magazines.'

Sarah Cummins

Subjects (BISAC)

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