Unsung Heroes of the Canadian Army

Incredible Tales of Courage and Daring from the Second World War

by Cynthia J. Faryon-Bouthillier

An illustrated collection of true stories from the Canadian Army of friendship, loyalty, determination, and bravery during World War II.

This fully illustrated edition offers more than 50 visuals including maps, operational plans, photographs and war art related to the incredible stories of our unsung heroes. With a completely selfless indifference to enemy fire, the quiet heroes featured in this book faced danger and atrocity. With courage and audacity they fought for their lives &# 8212; and they fought for ours. From the whistling of enemy shells and pounding of explosives come these inspiring stories of friendship, loyalty, determination, and bravery. Relive the events that influenced the outcome of World War II and meet the heroes who helped shape life as we know it today.

About the Author

CYNTHIA J. FARYON focuses her writing on Canadian history, biography, and travel stories. She is the author of several Amazing Stories series including books on the Royal Canadian Air Force and Navy. She lives in Nova Scotia.

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