Les Pêches, les Poires et les Prunes

40 Recettes Délicieuses pour la Maison

by Elaine Elliot

photographs by Julian Beveridge

translated by Marie-Claude Rioux

Traduit de l'anglais par Marie-Claude Rioux.
In this book you'll find an array of delicious, exciting recipes created by master chefs for three favourite summer fruits, and adapted for your home kitchen.
The book offers ideas for a full gastronomic experience: for starters there is Pear Salad, Brie and Pear Tart, Squash and Peach Soup. Main courses include Scallops with Peaches and Red Peppers and Grilled Salmon with Plum Salsa. Desserts featuring peaches, pears and plums are not uncommon, but here you'll discover interesting new possibilities including Sautéed Pear Halves in Maple Syrup and Peach and Chocolate Parfait.
Each recipe has been tested and adapted for home use. For presentation and serving ideas, full-colour photographs, shot on location, show the dishes just as they are served to guests.
Peaches, Pears & Plums: 40 Recipes for Fine Dining at Home is another volume in the tantalizing Flavours series of fully illustrated cookbooks.

About the Authors

Elaine Elliot

ELAINE ELLIOT is a food enthusiast who has spent countless weekends seeking out new and exciting food ideas at fine restaurants and inns. Her Flavours series includes 12 titles, ranging from Maple Syrup to Lobster. With her sister Virginia Lee, Elaine is also the author of the bestselling Maritime Flavours Guidebook & Cookbook. She lives in Kentville, Nova Scotia.(more)

Julian Beveridge

JULIAN BEVERIDGE is an award-winning photographer based in Halifax.

Marie-Claude Rioux

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